The World is a Giant Lab

More women than ever are leaving their jobs. A key part of the conversation about how best to hire and retain people has centered on work-related flexibility and work-life balance. But according to a study based on a survey of around 300 people worldwide, the main reason for women to leave jobs is salary. In a world where women are conditioned to earn lower pay than men, and when the take-home pay of most women will 60% or more be spent for their family, money ranks higher as a priority. Moving on options are either to find a higher salary job, start own business, or commission-based freelance jobs. The latter (commission-based) is becoming popular than ever, but unfortunately, bordering in the unethical territory. How will this shape the future?

“All of the world is a giant laboratory”. The quotation is being used more and more in the last decades, ranging from the Scientific community, Behavioral psychologists, to city planners and politicians who consider cities and countries as some sort of innovation or experimental playground. The objective typically is to test some hypothesis created (or invented) by the so-called experts in the field, and no longer to identify the real issues. As with any other research projects, the ones that get funding are ones that are in line or which results represent the benefactor’s agenda. Top it of with commission-based, or point-based transactional exchange, perhaps with a little persuasion and intimidation – when placed in Multilevel-systemic type of business is a lucrative field on its own. Practices such as selling tangible products to unethical services for supplying subjects of or participating in scientific experiments wrapped neatly in the so-called magic, ancient rituals and beliefs. Although this may involve both sides of the gender, in this particular case women are a much more important subject and of higher level of priorities. Apparently science has become so stagnant that through quantum theories, women are now elevated to become the answer (read: suspects) to every scientific riddles, particle physics puzzles and life science problems. From women as enlightenment path, women’s reproductive parts as “wormhole/time travel”, women’s mitochondrial as connection to the spirit world, to women as candidate of dark matter / dark energy. This is where the giant lab and unethical practices serve the outlets.

When this is becoming the norm, and the whole world is being moved backwards in time in an effort to change certain natural outcome, there is a point when disorderly, chaos and all things evil should be let loose. It is not a culminating point, nor a point of no return. It is a point for a lesson to teach the so-called rulers of the worlds for their eternal wrong path. If they are waiting for the Second, Third or Fourth Coming, or waiting for the suffering world to scream S.O.S (or Mayday) to certain (suspected) alien or spirit, out-of-the-world relative beings, they might as well just wait for Godot. What’s the worst that will happen? Rumour says: Dystopia, New World Order, Dark Ages, Genocide, Humanity extinction. Let’s all say: Bring It On.


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