Love is the Answer During This Time of Elections

If we are able to identify and release the chains that have suppressed our perspectives by multi-faceted channels unbeknownst to us over the course of the entirety of our lives, then perhaps we have the ability to see the truth that has always been there.

It is a choice we have to make.

We are on this earth to love. Love in every form. To receive love, to perpetuate love, and to share the love that is within us all. This is one of the fundamental purposes of our time here on earth.

Whatever way you view and name the ultimate power and deity of existence; God, Allah, Buddha, Shiva.. the list goes on and on, love is within the very essence of it all.

For me, that force is God, therefore I believe God is love and love is God. And it is in the entirety of this sentence that it gently reminds me of what our ultimate purpose is…

If love is the answer, then the way that we look at life is simple, we must internalize the love that we have and use it for the good of the world.

It is a responsibility and not a choice.

America is in a very precarious and seemingly very serious and parlous time… With hate, biases and narrow-mindedness being perpetuated by leaders and the ones who hold power, it is more important than ever to use our voices and love for good.

Actions and judgments are often formed when we don’t take the time to read, educate and listen to ideas, ideals and hopes that are outside of what we have learned in our lives.

Ignorance is the inability to accept the monumental significance of being willing to learn, grow and change our views in order to keep in line with kindness, love and freedom.

During this current time of elections it is our duty to take a look at what is happening outside our front doors. To analyze if the words and actions that are being thrown into the universe at every turn are helping our world know and feel love or if they are hindering the perpetuation of our ultimate purpose.

If the latter is the case, we must use our voices for good. We must fight for what is right in a world that is begging us for action. We must hold truth and hold light to our causes that we believe in.

Love is the answer. Fight for it. Stand up for it. Take action for it. Most importantly, Believe In It.

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