That ‘Walking Dead’ Kiss Just Shocked Everyone


This may be the saddest loss in “The Walking Dead” history.


In the world of “The Walking Dead,” a few things are certain: Zombies try to eat people, Rick grows a sick beard and, most importantly, there’s always crazy sexual tension between Daryl and Carol.


That’s how it used to be, anyway.


In Sunday’s episode “Not Tomorrow Yet,” seemingly out of nowhere, Carol starts snogging with Tobin — and now we know true love is officially dead.


The rest of the episode was intense.


The group decides to attack the Saviors’ alleged headquarters. Initially, everything seems to go as planned. After letting the Saviors believe they’re being given Hilltop leader Gregory’s head in exchange for a Hilltop captive, Rick’s group invades and kills just about everyone in the place. Then there’s a twist at the end: It’s revealed at least some Saviors are still alive, and they’ve captured Carol and Maggie.


But seriously … TOBIN?


The Daryl and Carol pairing was even more popular than Richonne, so Carol’s romantic moment came as a complete shock to everyone. The Internet didn’t know how to feel.


Reactions ranged from some people digging it to others saying they’re “giving up on this show.” Some called it “the kiss of death” for Tobin. Others were confused as to why this seemed like the first time “Carol and Tobin have talked.” (Carol just has game, people).


But is this finally R.I.P. to Daryl and Carol?


All we can hope for now is that this is like a Cho Chang/Harry Potter situation. Everyone knew Harry would end up with Ginny in the end. In this case, Tobin may just be the Cho Chang in between.


Please let Tobin be the Cho Chang in between…




“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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