The Magical Year of Accelerated Transformation.

For many, digital transformation as of now, is still a vague term, with some level of hope that some magical technology intervention can automatically elevate them into a new and profitable state. While it is usually top level that determines the KPIs to measure success, the context in which digital strategy is delivered has changed. Silver lining can be a godsend feature that moves everything in a synchronised way. The pandemic has accelerated the speed of digitisation worldwide and more and more agree to the benefits it provides to their improved state of connectivity and productivity.

With Advanced and Next-gen AI heading to next-level of combined computational powers and revolutionary human level intelligence, how fast and incremental should the improvements ahead be ? How will human and AI evolve together in the next decade or two ? Does humanity have to be concerned that they will eventually be controlled by machines ? The answers may have not been revealed, but there are a spectrum of views depending whether you’re in the tech trendsetter class or the tech laggard class. Some expect hopeful things that will occur and emerge, some are incredibly concerned. Although honestly speaking, there are many in the tech trendsetter and innovator class themselves are starting to have questions as to the impact of unleashing the unlimited power of AI may have to the future of freedom as we know it. Most of us in tech community know that we need to be thoughtful about how these technologies are implemented and used, while ensuring constructive result and progress. As for the laggards, avoiding the use of tech and ignoring how tech works due to anxiety and security concerns, is the most impractical thing anyone can do. As for anything irregular that happens in your life or organisation, you explore, analyse and find out. A simple example is if you think your body is undergoing some peculiar changes or start feeling anomalistic. Is it because you spend too much time, unmoved, in your house, or spend day in day out in certain area in your house a bit too long ? Have you put too much gas and heating on ? Are there too many scrap metals lying around in your backyard ? What about where and how you source your food ?

The same case for tech and digitisation. Tech is here and digital is for all of us, equally. Have faith in yourself and trust your instinct. Good or bad, 2020 has been a memorable year. With a little help from and to each other, we are embarking to a year where transformation will decide it is on the side of us, human.

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