2021. New Framework, New Trajectory.

We’ve made it through 2020, and depending on your point of view, the end of the tunnel of the pandemic hurricane. February is a good month to be optimistic and start sowing the seeds of all the new year’s business and personal resolutions we pledge to achieve. Only this time, we are fetching a post-COVID world full of game-changing practices. Here are some thoughts that will help you to prepare wisely.

Collective Wisdom. In a world of connectivity, we are a part of a society of billions with the ability to almost instantly connect. Some of the great thinkers believe that Wisdom is one of the key ingredients in collective problem-solving, and bringing together collective knowledge from around the globe could be the key to solving our biggest problems. For it to work there must be four aspects included: true diversity of opinions, independence of opinion, decentralisation of experience, and suitable mechanisms of aggregation. With harnessing a collective wisdom mindset, we also have new opportunities to bring the world’s most gifted and creative minds together, and offer another guide to the future.

Smart is More. We all know the phrase Less is More, first popularised by minimalist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, which brings about the value of simplicity, spaciousness and less stress. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits businesses will enjoy from following this less is more strategy is that with fewer truly important things that being focused on, execution and accountability becomes easier and more clear. As the pandemic is transforming the world and the way businesses operate that accelerates machine power augmentation, organisational value is becoming the key. A good company is one that can empower its assets with the four I models : Intentionality of Purpose, Integration, Implementation, and Indication. We ought to look for what beyond “Less”, and be “Smart” in finding and bring together foundation and premises that can unite organisation based on its most valuable and indispensable advantages.

Verifiable Credentials. In the post-COVID era of digitisation, our ID will be mostly defined by digital presence than physical presence. Physical documents, with their holograms and RFIDs, are in theory less accessible and can become insecure when exposed to digital infrastructure. The overcomplicated internet is prone to an epidemic of fraud in general, from ID theft to counterfeits. In the classic Trust Triangle (Issuer – Person – Verifier) concept, the integrity of the information can be verified but the truthfulness of it cannot. Verifiable credentials are standardised, digital certificates that make it easy to share online and at the same time address the truthfulness of the information in a private and secure way. With use cases are currently being piloted – many will surface in the not-so-distant future – and we shall be able to repair trust once more.

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