Digital Divide: Whose Side Are You On?

The pandemic escalated many issues, but as the world becoming dependent on digital, it becomes clearer that there is a great digital divide. This can be generational gaps, size and nature of businesses, geographic regions, or which future tech to pursue.

Two factors that companies usually focus on when addressing the above issues either for their Client, the market, or for their own organisation-sake, are Smart Predictive functionalities and Talent quality. There are more and more who now beginning to ask as to why they seem to have been made deliberately short-sighted and not achieving their program goals when they’ve joined the flow and invested so much into digital transformational initiatives. That is the exact point that you need to thoroughly review the purpose and mission of your organisation perhaps as far as from when it was first created. Get impartial and objective views, ensuring it stays relevant with the now and the future, to gain long-term upper-hand and advantages. It is easy to overlook what really matters when your role pressures, office politics and everyday lives create diversion.

Another thing to be aware of is how secure the line of communication and confidentiality, internally. The move toward WFH (Work-from-home) and Virtual meetings may be considered to greatly improve efficiency and productivity. But as the trend now is to condition less face-to-face human interactions, there are more possibility that the validity and legitimacy of any remote communications can be jeopardised. When remote connectivity is not available to some or deemed insecure, organisations will just have to work with and on their own geographical available capabilities instead of the risks of providing potential ammunition to competition. The ammunition does not necessarily have to be real-cases data interception or compromise, but less-advanced, ambitious competitors often use psychological effects to appear to be having advanced means in doing so. And this tactic can work into your employee minds and attitudes thus submitting and thinking they are powerless. At this crucial moment where we are headed into the tip of the divide, you will want to acquire and position your most valuable assets close to you.

High-profile cases have proven that any deal can be easily-dishonoured. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself and choose wisely, whose side are you on.

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