Securing your most important Talent and Data for your Winnings

In a changing landscape towards Digitalisation, it is a consensus that Data is the new currency and Employees are the source of energy. We’re in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever as it is the key to the smooth functionality. Without it, progress would halt. The collective dynamic of your Employees makes a company culture, but an individual talent’s contribution who is able to connect and energise their colleagues, customers and partners will create a whole new thriving environment and unfair advantages. These natural energising talented gems are usually born, not created. Here are some tips and thoughts as to how to secure and preserve the them.


Just as the concept of Time Stone (an Infinity Stones described as the “one driving force that unifies”) in The Avengers, your best talent can strengthen and thrive any geographic region and stream initiatives where they are physically located. Research has demonstrated again and again that for businesses the best way for them to maintain competitive edge is to have the Best talent working for (and being loyal) to them. Identifying and acquiring these rare talents require special skills and exact calculations between balancing personality profile that best suit the culture of the organisation, and the energy as well as distinct value that they will bring. But most importantly, whether he or she will bring a guaranteed winning edge against your competitions, and short vs medium vs long-term goals. Next is to recognise and reward their achievements that can be in the form of monetary recognition and other form of rewards and commission. The more appealing the reward the more likely you are to be energised. Beware of your competitor’s (direct, indirect and syndication) competitive Intelligence as nowadays it can go as intricated as setting up your best talent with dubious cases resulting in defamation of character and various personal and professional entrapments, in order to create a gap, shake up and disintegrate your tight-nit operation. Or worse, steal and keep them away from your winning.


Your company’s network may contain documents with trade secrets, personal information about employees, clients and partners, the organisation’s financial records and other highly sensitive information. Information theft is the most expensive and fastest rising consequence of hacking and cybercrime. Stolen data can be used for identity fraud, any form of espionage and a lure for ransomware. From ID Verification Suite, Next-Gen Application Firewall, Security Digital Platform to Automation and Blockchain technology, there are platform combinations that will provide the upmost security to the data you own. But one that is becoming a proven solution is to activate “Data Privacy with Self-Deleting Data” functionality. Ensure that the original T&C’s or smart contract states that ownership of data and IP (Intellectual Property) can never be transferred. It means that if the data is acquired unlawfully, or the data owner (you or your company) is being removed without consent, or chooses to not store their data any more, then all of the data and contribution will be automatically self-deleted from the ecosystem where it was stored (or stolen). This can instantly prevent the misuse of your valuable data and sensitive information.

One final tip to secure data and talent, is to provide proper measurement visibility for breach detection purposes. Advancements in AI detection tools that ingest network telemetry data and then analyse it to spot anomalies behaviour can identify threats, determine the extent of damage and provide actionable insights on how to stop further loss on your side.

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