The Quest to Universe in Search of Genuine set ups

The origin of the universe has been the question of Cosmologists ever since the discovery that our universe is expanding. Out of all the variety of theories proposed, there seem to be quite an equal share of followers between the Big Bang believers and the Infinite Universe loyalists. None of those theories have been proven and found complete exact evidence. The consensus was to find measurements that can distinguish between the scenarios, with particle accelerators as the main popular device used at laboratories and institutions worldwide. Particle accelerators produce beams of charges particles comprised of protons or electrons and subatomic particles, to collide at certain energy level. The collisions are recorded and observed by a particle detector, and the data will be run through and interpreted by teams of scientists. At present, there are more than 30,000 accelerators in operation around the world. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN Switzerland, Fermi Laboratories in Chicago, SLAC Linac in California, Thomas Jefferson in Virginia, BEPC II in China and SuperKEK B in Japan, to name some of the big ones.

Things became questionable – and fell in the dark area of ethics – when some of these experiments are conducted in parallel with human behavioral modification experiments which are governed by the Quantum Cognition theory. Over the last several decades, quantum cognition has been considered a new theory that suggests mathematical principles of quantum mechanics can be applied to understand human behavior. It is based on the assumption that the wave nature of a certain state is the psychological experience of conflict, confusion and uncertainty. While the particle nature of a definite state is the psychological experience of conflict resolution, decision and certainty. This theory, with its principles, have been applied to the psychology fields and behavioral modification movement and experiments. Precise assessment is used to identify each human to correspond with a certain type of particle. Hence, most of us people have been categorized either as protons, anti-protons, electrons, positrons, neutrinos, photons, ions and so on. Or one can be several of the particles. A set up environment as well as a set of people (considered as particles to be observed) are required and thus being placed in a controlled environment. It can be anywhere from offices, restaurants and public places, to hotel rooms and even your own home. This is one of the main reason why some occult groups demand certain kind of rituals from its members. The set up extends to every aspect of lives, and in the last few decades becoming more and more formatted, restricted and controlled – trying hard to replicate cosmic scenarios of the early universe. Celebrities, mega stars, companies, business people, politicians, regular people, partnership and conflicts, economic and political fluctuations, coupling and decoupling (read: marriages and divorces), are all the set ups.

Billions and billions of dollars have been used to finance these set ups and experiments. Not to mention other type of significant natural resources and the concerns of the majority that high energy colliders are affecting the earth’s own magnetic field. Suspicions have arisen in the Scientific community, questioning the real purpose of some of the massive-scale particle colliding machines. It has been a common knowledge that the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is the closest thing there is now, to a time travel machine. One major question is the theory that’s being tested only follow a subjective understanding of the early universe and how matters formed. In other words, the events took place billion of years ago were the opposite of the current atomic formation theory. Another concern is that due to the ease and convenience of creating artificial particles, also to ensure a high level of controlled environment, the amount of artificial particles used in the experiments nowadays are excessive in number compares to the genuine particles coming from the universe. The extra-constrained, extra-controlled, extra-modified behavior, set up and environment makes the particles know they are being observed, hence not behaving in a natural way that can bring valid results. Some may even be intelligent enough to learn over the years that the environments they are in are all just set ups and being modified and accelerated at an unnatural speedy rate that it defies the cosmic law. Moreover, some particle types are just not equal in nature to interact with each other, to what extend can they be collided and merged in repetitive violent experiments? How genuine are interpretations and results of quasi-particle staged experiments without having a clue of what the wave or the so-called “connection” with the universe is? The list of questions and concerns goes on, with leading Particle Physicists and Scientists worldwide already pledge to move the quest to high-precision measurement machines commencing prior to 2020. Taking into consideration the advantages vs disadvantages, ROI both monetary and the potential of how powerful the findings can be, for short, medium and long run, it may just be the best decision to take in this century.


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